The market for digital stickers is significant and continues to grow rapidly. Digital stickers, especially on messaging platforms, have become an essential part of online communication. In 2020 alone, Line pulled in $200m in sticker revenue, with 4m designers creating stickers on the platform. Here are some key points highlighting the market size and growth:

  • Revenue: The global market for digital stickers was valued at several billion dollars and is expected to continue growing. LINE, a leading messaging app, generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from sticker sales alone.
  • User Engagement: Billions of users on messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and LINE use digital stickers regularly, driving the market's growth.
  • Platform Popularity: LINE, which is one of the largest platforms for digital stickers, reported millions of sticker sets downloaded and used by its extensive user base.
  • Brand and Celebrity Involvement: Major brands and celebrities have entered the digital sticker market, creating custom stickers for fan engagement and brand promotion, further boosting the market's size.
  • Emerging Markets: The popularity of digital stickers is also rising in emerging markets, expanding the potential user base and market revenue.

Overall, the digital sticker market is vast and growing, driven by high user engagement, brand involvement, and the increasing popularity of messaging apps worldwide.

How We Work

When LINE launched its digital sticker business, we were among the pioneers, publishing our own set of digital stickers on the platform. Recognizing the immense potential of this market early on, we have since created and designed numerous sets of digital stickers for a variety of industries, from real estate to entertainment, leveraging LINE as a powerful marketing and branding tool.

Each set of digital stickers on LINE typically includes 40 different expressions, and we work closely with our clients to design and publish these on the LINE platform.

LINE Messenger is one of the most widely used apps, especially in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand, boasting 194 million users worldwide. In Japan alone, 68% of the population uses LINE, with 86 million monthly active users.

Our Works

One of our digital sticker sets, called "Koala," has been successfully published on LINE Messenger.