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Principle Characters
  Character: Ren Matsuo
Dream Weapon: A sword of power that, in the realworld, is a simple cain sword.
Descripton: Ren moves from Japan to New York to care for his ailing grandfather. His life changes more than he expected when he discovers he has special abilities in the world of dreams. he must learn to use these powers, and to discover the hero within himself, to thwart the evil plans of the creature Xibalba.
  Character: Morgan Fisher
Dream Weapon: A crystal that gives her Chi powers. In the real world, she wears the crystal as a pendant.
Descripton: Morgan is an aspiring journalist who introduces Ren to the dream world. She became a dreamhopper when she was young in order to fight off the nightmares that haunted her dreams. She is now an expert at battling them. Although Tyler is her boyfriend, there is a growing attraction between her and Ren that both of them try to resist.

  Character: Tyler McMullen
Dream Weapon: A rare tea that, when consumed before bed, gives him super-strength in the dream world.
Descripton: Tyler is Morgan's handsome and athletic boyfriend. He can often arrogant and insensitive, but he is driven by his reponsibilities as a dreamhopper. he wants very badly to be the group's leader, a position threatened by his new rival, Ren.
  Character: Lucy Hawkins
Dream Weapon: A flower pendant with the power to heal. In the real world, it is a rare flower found in the forests outside of the Big City.
Descripton: Lucy comes from a wealthy family, but is cut off when she goes against her father's wishes by moving to New York to be a Broadway actress. her sudden lack of funds forces her to take in roommates. These new people wind up changing her life forever when they show her the powers of the Dreamworld.

  Character: Peter Hawkins
Dream Weapon: A mirror that allows Peter to shapeshift at will. In the real world, the mirror is a shard from a tall mirror obtained in a haunted building.
Descripton: Peter is Lucy's rebellious brother from Los angeles. He is a free-spirit who sees New York as an opportunity for adventure and exciting new friendships. He gets his wish when he joins the others in the Dreamworld as a Dreamhoppers.
  Character: Xibalba
Descripton: Xibalba is an evil creature who exists in the Dreamworld. Just as humans can visit the Dreamworld, creatures of the Dreamworld can visit the real world, but with greatly diminished powers. Xibalba's goal is to obtain the Transaxiam, an ancient artifact that will allow him to enter the real world with all of his Dreamworld powers.

  Character: Haru Matsuo
Descripton: Haru is the leader of the Matsuo dreamhopping clan. It is his destiny in life to battle evil entities within the Dreamworld. However, the creature Xibalba has captured Haru and taken his form in order to manipulate Haru's grandson, Ren. Haru is helpless to stop the plot and must trust in Ren to carry on the family mission.
  Character: Lula
Descripton: Lula is a mysterious creature of the Dreamworld who befriends the Dreamhoppers when they rescue her from a Nightmare attack. She acts as their compass through the dreams, pointing them in the right direction in thier search for the Transaiom.
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