At Laizen, creating and producing comic book or manga titles is one of our core professional services. Many people grow up reading a wide array of American comic books and Japanese manga, which leave lasting impressions and inspire lifelong memories. These powerful storytelling mediums influence millions of fans worldwide, and some even dream of creating their own comic book series with personal stories. Our mission is to make those dreams come true.

How We Work

At Laizen, we have created and produced dozens of original comic titles tailored to our clients' needs over the past 15 years. We collaborate closely with a diverse and international group of comic book and manga artists, ranging from high-profile talents to emerging creators within our global network. Besides providing services to our clients, we also develop and publish our own comic book series, leveraging our international team's expertise.

Our founders, Shin Koyamada from Japan and Nia Lyte from South America, bring unique perspectives to Laizen, enriched by their extensive experience working in the United States and Africa. This diverse background allows us to create compelling and culturally rich storytelling for our audiences.

Our Works

At Laizen, we operate in two key ways: providing professional services to help our clients realize their dreams of creating comic books, and developing our own comic book series with empowering and engaging storytelling content. Here are some of our own comic book series:

The Dreamhoppers

Kolala & Kolalo

Through these endeavors, we aim to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide with our unique and diverse narratives.